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Worlds Biggest Inflatable Water Trampoline

Click here to buy an inflatable water trampoline! The Sharer Family were hanging out at the family home when Stephen Sharer chose to inflate the worlds biggest backyard water trampoline. This trampoline inflatable is so legendary you have to see this!

Steven and Grace Sharer were having a blast at the Sharer Fam house when they chose to inflate this giant backyard water trampoline. It was over 24 feet wide. The best part of this water trampoline is that it works as a trampoline on the backyard pond, so as quickly as you wish to hop off, you can go swimming in the water!

So Stephen bounced on the inflatable water trampoline a few times then did a backflip off of it! Next up was Grace Sharer turn. However grace has actually refrained from doing a backflip ever before! Will Stephen be able to teach his sister a backflip? Grace tried several times to front flip of backflip. See to discover what happens on this amazing summertime day!

The Story

The sharer household was having a blast at the Carl and Jinger household home when they decided to inflate this giant backyard water slide. It was over 24 feet of pure down hill fun. The best part of this water slide was that it went straight into the pool. Stephen choose to have a wheel of mystery spin contest to assist decide exactly what tricks to do when going down the slide.

It was easy, all you needed to do was spin the mystery wheel and do that trick while going down the inflatable. Lizzy Sharer spun the wheel and had to do a cannon ball into the water. Carter Sharer spun the wheel and had to do a twist. Stephen Sharer spun the secret wheel and needed to do a twist also. Now Steven and Carter would like the Sharer Fam to vote which Sharer Bro did the very best slip n slide technique?

Published: 29/06/2018

Channel: Stephen Sharer

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