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What is Ash Ketchum’s Real Age in Pokemon? (Game Theory)

Click here to check out some cool Pokemon stuff on Amazon! Have you ever discovered how in Pokemon, Ash Ketchum has been 10 years old for a LONG TIME? Does this kid EVER AGE? If he did, how old would he REALLY be? Well Loyal Theorists, I enjoyed EVERY EPISODE of this series to figure out how OLD Ash Ketchum is in actual time! Today we check out the age-old question – What is UP with Ash Ketchum’s age in the anime?

All of us understand Ash was ten at the start of the Pokemon TV series. But after all these years, how old is he now?

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The Pokemon anime has been around now for a long time and has a lot of secrets surrounding it. These mysteries include Ash’s Pikachus level, who Ash’s father is and obviously exactly what is the genuine age of Ash Ketchum. For many years though, individuals have come up with their own theories on why Ash never ages in the Pokemon anime. With that being stated, today’s video goes over 5 Pokemon Theories That Explain Why Ash Ketchum Doesn’t Age!

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How Old Is Ash Ketchum? Ash Ketchum’s Age Has Been One Of Pokemon’s Biggest Mysteries For Nearly Twenty Years. In Today’s Video We’ll Be Taking A Look At Different Pokemon Theories And Other Pieces Of Evidence To Try And Determine Ash Ketchum’s Actual Age, He Should Be Nearly Thirty Years Old, But Still Looks Like A Ten Year Old, Let’s Find Out Why.

Pokemon has lots of secrets surrounding it, not only that, but the Pokemon anime’s lead character Ash Ketchum has a bunch too. Some of which are how old is Ash Ketchum, what level is Ash’s Pikachu, however obviously among the biggest secrets surrounding this young Pokemon trainer is obviously who his father is. There are several Pokemon theories describing who it is, therefore in today’s video, we have a look at 5 Pokemon Theories That Explain Who Ash Ketchum’s Dad Is.

How Old is Ash Ketchum? The Mystery under Ash’s hat is, is he still 10 after all these years. He started his pokemon journey in kanto at ag 10 but then he was 10 again in Unova, exactly what offers? Lets investigate the pokemon anime’s lore.

Ash Ketchum has been 10 years old now for nearly 20 years, however at one phase of his life, prior to he ended up being a Pokemon fitness instructor, he was as soon as a kid. Two books were launched years ago by the creators of the Pokemon Anime which go in to a lot more depth about the early life of Ash Ketchum. With that being said, today’s video explains Ash Ketchum’s childhood.

Published: 01/07/2018

Channel: The Game Theorists

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