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Overwatch – Wrecking Ball Origin Story – New Hero

Fulfill the resourceful tinkerer that fights with an iron-clad mech: Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball gameplay time! Hammond gameplay is on the Overwatch PTR now, so have a look at my take a look at him in One Hero Limit/Quickplay! What do you think of the Overwatch new hero gameplay?

Overwatch brand-new hero Wrecking Ball – or Hammond, is a disruptive bruising tank with excellent location denial and motion abilities – his playstyle is actually nutty, cannot wait to get used to it a lot more!

Exactly what do you consider Wrecking Ball’s abilities, supreme and basic playstyle? Hammond wants you to get in the middle of things with Adaptive shields, however you truly need to keep moving so as not to get slaughtered and to increase your damage and interruption!

Can’t wait to see this man on live, bulldozing through guards left right and centre! Do let me know your ideas in the remarks!

The Wrecking Ball looks so BADASS I can not wait to play him in Overwatch but in the meantime check out my reaction to his origin story.

Published: 28/06/2018

Channel: PlayOverwatch

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