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Fortnite Season 5: Is Drift Evil?

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Today we hit up our first video games of Season 5 In Fortnite Battle Royale! Is Drift evil in Fortnite Season Five?? Find out in this Fortnite short movie.

Fortnite Season 5 is here and it’s one of the greatest updates yet for Epic’s new fight royale video game. What’s new? Lets discover. Leave a like for the new Season 5 Fortnite map changes! SO many insane modifications to Fortnite for season 5 im in love!

So yes, there’s a ton of brand-new stuff happening with the anniversary items coming out quickly and simply Season 5 still being fresh, so I believed I ‘d lastly make a dripped products video. A few of the specific things we go over are a pool floaty consumable that you can toss, shark skin and back bling, and a fireworks event for Fortnite’s anniversary. Btw, my season 5 week 2 difficulties guide was just published just recently, if you still need it it’s on the channel.

Published: 21/07/2018

Channel: Little Lizard – Fortnite

 Tags: IS DRIFT EVIL IN FORTNITE?! * SEASON 5 *Fortnite Short Film, little lizard, fortnite, season 5, drift, fortnite short film, little lizard fortnite, evil

 Duration: 18:44

 Views: 317622

 Likes: 11140

 Dislikes: 708

 Comments: 3393

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